Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Sheridan Bachelor of Animation Portfolio

EDIT: Hello! To view my 2018 portfolio, please visit this link.

The portfolio I applied with! Still have to wait a month until the results - anxiety to the max. Accepted!

I. Life Drawing
Observational Life Drawing
Animal Drawing
Hand Drawing

II. Character Design
Character Rotation
Action Poses
Expression Sheet

III. Storyboard

IV. Layout
Household Objects Composition
Room Line Drawing

(Freehand line drawings! Killed my back. Also, in the household objects, the punchline is in the only thing that doesn't change...)

 V. Personal Artwork

1. Character Development:

2. Short Animation:

3. Watercolour Still Life:

4. Digital Painting:

 5. Sketchbook Excerpts:

I'll post the score sheet once it arrives. And naturally, depending on whether they will have me or not, I'll do my best to write comments and advice on the entire process as well! Thank you for viewing :]

Update (6th April 2014): Score sheet is here! 4.0 / 4.0 - someone pinch me!


  1. Hello that's an unbelievable score, What dimensions did you use for your portfolio and how did you hand it in, in a book format ...?

    1. And could you also look at my portfolio, I'm applying this year, it would be best if i could get your email so that my portfolio does not get plagiarized.

    2. Sorry for so many replies, I also want to ask how you handed in your sketchbook

    3. Hi! I used a regular office A4 folder. Most of my drawings were scanned and arranged in Photoshop, saved in PDF and then printed out in a local print shop. It was nothing special, the only decoration I did were the cover pages, and those were more of a strategic step :]

      Sure! I can't promise to reply right away, but if I ever find a free while, I don't mind looking through it. Feel free to send it to [at]

  2. Hi congrats on the score! Do you have any tips on the continuos movement? Really love the Bears.

  3. Hey, thanks! For life drawing, it doesn't matter which format you use - so for the movement gestures, I recommend a smaller, maybe letter size sketchbook. Look for the key poses of the movement (sort of like the breakdown keys in animation) and capture them in a fluid line, while thinking about the weight.

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  5. How do you get such straight lines? thats insane

  6. Hi, did you draw everything digitally, or by hand? Everything looks so neat and I don't know how I would accomplish that with a pencil – unless you used some other art medium...?

  7. how did you present your work. you have a really nice presentation. did you scan your items and arrange them/

  8. this is amazing! Do you know any good tutorials on one point and two point perspective drawings for rooms? I have a lot of trouble in this area